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Good old Europe

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Are you holidaying in a beautiful city soon? Then you do not need to enjoy this beautiful city alone. The Illustration collage postcard gives you the opportunity to send over holiday greeting cards to friends and family. The Illustration collage postcard will capture the essence the holiday you are celebrating. The Illustration collage postcard is by far the best card you can send over to friends and family for Christmas, Easter and other holidays. The Illustration collage postcard can easily be personalized to carry your personal holiday message to friends, family, acquaintances and business partners. No matter the holiday you get to use this card for, it will be fantastic. This card will be kept for a long time as a memorabilia from years to come, reminding receivers of how you sent them the Illustration collage postcard. They will love you for this kind gesture for a very long time.

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