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Mallorca sending greetings

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

This personalizable greeting card speaks volumes about how Mallorca is the shining jewel of the Mediterranean. Historic marble sits alongside sandstone roads and sprawling resorts upon glistening beaches and rich culture. Your vacation there has been immeasurably memorable, and you want to share that with the people you hold dearest in your life. Who can blame you? Anyone who sees those pearly beaches would agree! With this personalizable greeting card, you can share the adventures of your holidays with your loved ones. With the text portion of your card, you can include wisdom you may have gathered from your stay, or a funny saying, or maybe even a recipe from a local. Share this with someone who could not come with you for whatever reason that may have been. Include a story from when you visited the Catedral de Mallorca, or your trip to the Basilica de Sant Francesc! Include a picture of verdant coasts or the flawless beaches. Make your personalizable greeting card in any way you see fit and let it be known that you enjoyed your visit to Mallorca.

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