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It is time to celebrate! Let your friends and family know about your special event via a personalized invitation post card and invite them to the time of their lives. Send a postcard and use our great designs for your personal invitation.

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Is your birthday is coming up? Is your wedding date set and you want invite your friends and family, or you are having a party at your house with friends and want to let them know? All of these are a cause for a celebration! And we help you invite the people who you want to join in to celebrate with you. Create a personalized postcard with a picture of a great memory or choose one of our festive pre-made designs online and send it out! Show your appreciation of your friendship and invite your friends to a brunch, a holiday or a cool trip in the area via our special post cards. We have an invitation card for every destination! The MyPostcard App has a large variation of invitation cards for anything you want to celebrate or organize. Not sure how to design your personal card? Choose your design for your card and your beautiful invitation will be in your friend’s mailbox as soon as possible. A personal invitation card is a great way of inviting someone to your special event. No matter where you are, use our MyPostcard App to create your invitations online on your phone or tablet. By sending an invitation card via MyPostcard, you only need a couple minutes to prepare the card and we make sure that your post cards arrive at your friend’s and family’s houses the within a few days. It is time to celebrate!

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