heart blloons
Wish You Were Here
heart blloons
Wish You Were Here
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Wish You Were Here

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Are you far from your loved ones? Do you want to show them how much you miss them? This idyllic Wish You were here postcard is the perfect way to do that. It features two baby pink balloons in the shapes of hearts. The background is a summer sky with a few clouds towards the bottom. The soft, sunny scene transports you to a time when you were united with that special person and you were enjoying a peaceful time. Don't you love getting a warm, gentle message? You're not alone in the world and there's someone out there who really loves you. It's a great feeling so go ahead and allow others to feel it, too, when you send them this Wish You were here postcard. The people who receive this card will be taken those summer days with a pleasant breeze and majestic sky. And they'll also think about you. If you want to give someone far from a great lift, send them this Wish You were here postcard today! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Your Just because Cards. Printed and mailed for you internationally. Just because Cards. International-Postage. International-Delivery. International-Shipping. Customize your own Just because Cards create and make Online. Free Worldwide Shipping. International Postage. International shipping. International Delivery worldwide. Just because Cards Online. Ship a customizable Just because Cards worldwide or as a pack to yourself.

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