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Miss You-Owls

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Staying in touch with someone you love that lives far away can be very difficult. But anyone who has ever been in love knows that it’s worth it, and it’s hard to stay away. So, surprise them with this sweet love postcard paired with an old picture of the two of you or a meaningful souvenir of something you shared together. These birds are beautiful and charming, and even more charming is the fact that you’re using snail mail. No matter how easy it may be to contact someone nowadays, there’s something very romantic and timeless about writing an actual letter. This sweet love postcard is something your loved one will want to keep—he or she can even hang it up on the wall and will be reminded of you every day. This card will bring a smile to anyone and make his or her heart leap a little. I love You Cards with Your Own Personal message. Printed and Mailed for You Internationally. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Create Your Own printed I love You Cards. Make and create your own custom I love You Cards Online. We print and Mail it for You International. USA.UK.Canada and worldwide international Postage. International Delivery. FREE Shipping Order a pack of I love You Cards with a personal message or ship the personalized I love You Cards individually from online.

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