dog with hat and champagne
Party Pug
dog with hat and champagne
Party Pug
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Party Pug

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Love animals? Have friends with animals? Then bring in the new year and celebrate with our happy dog New Year cards. There is honestly nothing cuter. What beats a dog with champagne glasses? It goes without saying, but your friends and family will be in love the second they receive one of the happy dog New Year cards. It's simplistic but cute design makes it the perfect gift for those New Years Eve party's, especially when the host is an animal lover. Don't show up empty-handed this year and be the outcast of the party, and subsequently the new year. Give away as many as you can and bring in this New Years right. Give the host of the party a card, give your friends and family a card, heck, give your neighbor a card. You can never go wrong with a card that has a cute dog on the front, so give a happy dog New Year cards to everyone you know this year. Real printed Happy New Year Cards. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Mailed for you internationally. Printed and stamped for you international-postage & delivery. FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, POSTAGE, DELIVERY - worldwide - Your own personalized Happy New Year Cards - ONLINE and printed worldwide. FREE Shipping. Postcards & Greeting Cards. Custom Happy New Year Cards shipped as a set (8-200) or individually to different recipients internationally.

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