It is the hardest word to say: Sorry. Sorry for what I have done to you. Sorry, it was my mistake. To offer your excuses for a mistake you made costs some effort. If you feel like it is too much, let us do the work. Send your sorry card via MyPostcard and apologize with a personal card.

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Sorry Cards

Saying sorry often takes a lot of courage. Everyone makes mistakes in their life even though you might not realize this right away. Some people are very naïve or scared and do not dare to say it because they are afraid of admitting that they are wrong. But you are not alone in this. We will make it a lot easier for you to say sorry. Via MyPostcard you can quickly make your personal post card with your greetings and a personal picture and send it to the merciful receiver. Ahh, you got in a fight with your girlfriend? That’s not good! Let us help you with that. Send her a cute card to apologize for what you have said and tell her how much you love here. She will have no choice but to forgive you when she sees your lovely post card. MyPostcard has many designs for your problems online. Simply choose a design and write a couple words on the card and we will send your post card to your girlfriend. And there will be peace again. You are really having a hard time admitting defeat after a battling discussion and you are too embarrassed to tell the other person face to face? Fair enough. Let us help you with that. You put in the words and we will send the sorry card out to the other person. MyPostcard has various designs to choose from; you add your message and a personal picture to the card and we will send it out for you.

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