I didn't mean to ruin everything in white handwriting in a frame
I didn't mean to ruin everything
 I didn't mean to ruin everything in white handwriting in a frame
I didn't mean to ruin everything
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I didn't mean to ruin everything

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Having everything in order is crucial for many individuals irrespective of their age. When a friend, family, or colleague who you see as a special addition to your life faces challenges you might have had a hand in, the didn’t mean to ruin postcard is the best means of conveying how you feel, your prayers and support as well to your loved one and his or her family. Some people might find sending such a postcard as old school, the didn’t mean to ruin postcard proves to go a long way to support the recipient, making him, or her feel better. It has a 450-character text provision; you can use to personalize your message effectively while sending a loving and supportive message. The didn’t mean to ruin postcard also enables you further personalize your postcard; you can add a personal photo as well. This small but very powerful gesture will make the loved one feel loved, and their family enjoys your support throughout the difficult process. Send and create your own printed Sorry Photo Cards online and mailed for you internationally. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. International Postage & Delivery. Sorry Photo Cards mailed and printed for you online. Your own Sorry Photo Cards. International Printing. Free shipping. International Postage, Delivery worldwide from anywhere. Print Your own Sorry Photo Cards Online. Make your own Sorry Photo Cards and mail them individually or order as a pack.

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