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About the design

Sometimes we mess up and accidentally hurt the ones we care about. It sucks but it's all a part of life. If you accidentally hurt someone in your life then send them this oops accident greeting card. It may take time for the person you hurt to fully heal but hopefully, this card will be a step in the right direction of showing how sorry you truly feel. Everyone loves to feel wanted and appreciated and this is the perfect way to tell someone just how much they mean to you and that you could not imagine living your life without them. The oops accident greeting card is the perfect way to let your friends and family know that you are an idiot and are very sorry for hurting their feelings. We all strive for forgiveness and acceptance and hopefully, this card will let your loved ones know that you are serious about righting your wrongs. Send someone you hurt the oops accident greeting card and hopefully it will be the first step in forgiving you. Create Your own Sorry Cards. We print and mail your Sorry Cards internaional, Free Shipping, Postage, Delivery. Make your own personalized Sorry Cards Online. Free worldwide shipping and international delivery, Postage. Postcards & Greeing Cards App mobile. Order custom-made Sorry Cards in bulk. Design individual Sorry Cards and ship them internationally.

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