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Live your life. All we have is now. Be young, be daring, be proud. And there are many more mission, vision, quotes, sayings and views on life on our post cards. Send a post card to your friends and share it with them!

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Make a difference! There are so many statements to be made and opinions to be shared. Nowadays everyone has a personal philosophy of life which can be very inspiring for others as well. Share your personal philosophy with your friends and family. MyPostcard has many different statement and quote cards to represent your statement. Add your picture to it and send it to your friends, so they know what you are thinking and would like to do. You want to live free into the night, not bother about time and anything around you? Search for a good friend to join you in your adventure with one of our cards. Simply choose the right statement for your card online for your adventure, write your plans in it and we will send your printed invitation card to your friends. Via the MyPostcard App, you can quickly create your personalized post card within a few minutes. Enjoy the adventure together! We can find statements to almost every topic. Whether it is a funny quote, an adventure to experience, a party to live or a philosophy to live by, MyPostcard has a big variety of different statement post cards. Choose a statement post card that you favor and make sure that your statement is made with your own written words. We deliver your post card to its destination within only a few days.

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