collage in retro-style–mypostcard
Collect moments, not things.
collage in retro-style–mypostcard
Collect moments, not things.
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Collect moments, not things.

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Send someone in your life a reminder to experience life and create memories that will last forever. The beautiful image front of the statement for moment’s postcard is a very friendly picture to remind a colleague of yours to live life and not worry about chasing material things. Often times an individual, we tend to get caught in things that are not important. The other side of the statement for moment’s postcard gives you an opportunity to write a personal creative message for the person you are sending this postcard to. This is where you can tell him or her to keep the memories and experiences at the forefront of the priorities. This will create a perfect storm for your colleague to live life while he or she is still alive. This can be very influential for someone in making great decision to live life at the moment. Send this statement for moment's postcard to send a reminder to experience life. Send your own Statements and Quotes Cards . Printed and mailed for you internationallly worldwide. FREE SHIPPING. International Postage & Delivery. Send Statements and Quotes Cards worldwide. Personailzed, Customized. Your own Cards worldwide. International Postage, International Shipping, International Delivery. Design a pack of statements and quotes Cards with a custom message. Ship cards internationally from your phone or computer.

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