Love handwritten in golden heart with black dots background
Love - Golden Heart
Love handwritten in golden heart with black dots background
Love - Golden Heart
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Love - Golden Heart

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Showing someone we love them can be done in various ways. It can be done sending a loving text, a note, giving them flowers, taking them out for a nice dinner or even just doing something to help them out. Sometimes, the smallest thing can speak volumes and mean the most to someone. Even something as simple as a card speaks volumes and shows how much you care. A gold heart love statement postcard is just the thing to send to someone you love. The background on the postcard is white with big black polka dots on it to mix up the design a little. In the center of the card is a big gold hear with the word “love” in the middle of it in white, loopy script. Before sending your gold heart love statement postcard, personalize a message on the back that expresses your love for that special someone. Print and mail your own Statements and Quotes Cards Online. We print and mail it for you international-Shipping, International-Postage, International-Delivery.Worldwide. Personalize Your Own Statements and Quotes Cards online. We print and Mail it for You International. Postage, Delivery. Printed and Mailed for you. From anywhere in the world online as real printed Statements and Quotes Cards online Quality sets of personalized Statements and Quotes Cards. Send single Statements and Quotes Cards internationally.

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