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Thank you very much

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

The thanks very much card does just that. It says thank you. Have an event such as a wedding, large party, or simply something nice at the office? Say thank you to all those in attendance with the thanks very much card! It's the perfect way to give back to those that contributed and showed up to your event. Leaving a lasting impression is important, especially if you want to be said people to return to the following events that follow. After leaving a wedding people are completely worn out. Their feet hurt from dancing, their clothes need a good dry cleaning and they're overstuffed with wedding cake. All those people committed their whole day, and likely some travel money, to the happy bride and groom. Though it isn't necessary, a nice thank you goes a long way in letting someone know you appreciate their show of support. So get your thanks very much card and show your appreciation.

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