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Want to send out a postcard to a family or friend but don’t want to go through the trouble of hunting down the right card for the right occasion? Try looking through our most popular greeting card templates and designs to help make your next card one of the most creative ones you have ever sent out. We have hundreds of predesigned templates and custom layouts that are sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face. Sending out a postcard through the MyPostcard app is easy and simple. Choose the layout you want be on the front of the card, add a message to the back and we will send to the person you want to receive it. Our postcards make a prefect greeting or congratulations for the next birthday, holiday, marriage, baby shower or just to say thanks to anybody in your life.

Get creative! Don’t send out an ordinary postcard that found last minute at a store. Instead, build your own postcard with the help of our predesigned templates and even add your own photo. Many of our customers agree that these templates and designs are the best MyPostcard has to offer, so use them to wow friends and family near and far. And next time you need to send out a postcard as a congratulations for a birthday wedding, religious event or any celebration, make sure you use MyPostcard.

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