Turn your photos into a keepsake

Send a set of photos in a keepsake gift box to yourself or someone special, anywhere in the world. Upload a set of 15, 22 or 30 photos and we’ll take care of the rest.

Starting at $0.33 per photo


Photo print info

Choose the appropriate format for your MyPostcard photo prints and we will send them to you or your friends and family by free worldwide delivery. All your photos will be printed by us on matte and high-quality photo paper.

You can choose between three different formats. With the INSTANT format at the size of 10x13 cm, your image gets the feel of a Polaroid camera. For the format SQUARE you get a square print in 10x10 cm. One last possibility is our STANDARD format, which has the size of a standard postcard with 15x10 cm.

Each of our formats can be ordered as a 15-piece package, 22-piece package or 30-piece package. Our prices start at $8.99 and cost up to $12.99 for the largest package. Once you've selected the appropriate format, you can upload your personal photo or picture.

Create photo prints that are uniquely designed and personalized by you. Once you've made your perfect print, we'll do the rest for you and send it anywhere in the world. However, if a photo print is not the right thing for you, then take a look at our other products, perhaps our bestseller "Postcards" and "Greeting Cards" as single cards or as a set or even our "Gift Cards". Here you can also print your own pictures on the postcards. What if you don't have a picture and would like to use a design template? No problem. With our card designs you'll find the right card for you, your family and your friends, for any occasion.

Do you have any questions about your order or our different cards? Check out our FAQs to see if we've already answered your question. If not, please feel free to contact us via our contact form. We will answer your questions and inquiries as fast as we can

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