It’s tremendously tough when a family loses a loved one. Show them you’re thinking of them with a personalized postcard or greeting card from MyPostcard. We have many tasteful designs and templates to help you to express your support.

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Our sincere condolences for your loss. In these times it is important to stand together and be in touch with the ones you love, to support each other and those in need and to give each other a shoulder to cry on. Send your condolences and show them you feel their sorrow with a post card with your personal condolences. Make a postcard quickly online for your loved ones and we will send it to them as soon as possible. It is a shame that you cannot attend the funeral but there are occasions where you are unfortunately not able to be there. Make sure you still send your condolences to your family and friends who are affected by their loss. Send them a post card with some words of support. MyPostcard will help you to pick the right design for your post card online and choose the right words on your condolence card. Create the card online and we will make sure the printed card will arrive at your friend’s or family’s house on time. A loss of a person is never easy to deal with and you cannot simply continue your life the way it was before. It takes time until your wounds heal but always remember that you do not have to go through this on your own. Your friends and family are there for you and help each other in times of sadness. We make sure that your sincere condolences will get where they need to be. Choose a design online, write your personal message and MyPostcard will take care of the rest. We wish you and your close friends all the strength in the world during these times.

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