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Next Year will be Awesome

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

The year is coming to a close and for many, that means another year has gone by in their lives and it can be a little sad. Send those people a Sad Pug Happy New Year card to lift their spirits so that they can concentrate on the positive. This card features a Sad Pug at the top, brooding at all the time he lost during the year and how nothing he wanted came to fruition. Hopefully, your friends can use that as motivation so that they attack the new year with emphatic vigor. Sending out the same boring new year card, year after year can get tiresome. Why not switch it up and symbolize that this year really is going to be different? A Sad Pug doesn't have to continue being that way. His whole outlook could change if only looks at the bright side, that the new year is filled with opportunity. Send the dog lovers you know this electric Sad Pug Happy New Year card to brighten their outlook! Print and create your own New Year Cards Online and we mail it for you internationally. FREE Shipping New Year Cards worldwide. Postcards & Greeting Cards. App Mobile Service. Custom printed New Year Cards created online. (We print & Mail it for you International). Make your own New Year Cards online. Free international shipping,Postage,Delivery. From anywhere. Create a pack of customized New Year Cards or mail a single custom card worldwide.

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